Chapter Fourteen: Biology Class

It was the fourteenth of February. Steve and Yesenia went to the front office just before home room, and asked to speak to the principal. “Could you please make this announcement, just about three minutes after the bell rings to start C period?” Yesenia asked.

Steve handed the principal the note. He read it, and smiled, then he looked at them and said, “Yes, I’ll read it. That will be at 8:57.”

Steve and Yesenia went to their home rooms.

At 8:49, the bell rang to end B period, and students left their classrooms to walk to their C period classes. Steve and Yesenia arrived outside Room 219 at 8:51, and waited in the hall.

By 8:53, there was almost nobody in the hallways. Yesenia opened her bag and removed the maternity shirt, putting it on over her regular shirt. The word, BABY was printed in big letters on the front, and an arrow pointed down, toward her belly. Holding hands, Steve and Yesenia walked into the classroom just before the bell rang, and Steve said, “Good Morning, Mrs. Ayotte.”

The teacher looked up. Most students didn’t greet her like that. Steve and Yesenia marched up with their heads held high, smiling proudly. They broke hands behind Mrs. Ayotte’s desk. Everybody noticed.

Mrs. Ayotte commented. “Well, I guess you two have done your biology homework.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” a number of students said.

Mrs. Ayotte said, “Let us get on with today’s lesson, then. We are discussing how plants respond to stimuli such as sunlight.”

At 8:57, the principal read the announcement. “May I have everybody’s attention, as we have a very exciting announcement to make at this time. Two students from our sophomore class, Steve Johnson and Yesenia Martínez, have asked us to share with all of you, some very special news. They’re going to have a baby in September.” Then he added a comment of his own. “We wish all three of them the very best.”

  Copyright © 2004 Tom Alciere