Billy's Legacy


Andy - Steve's older brother, who dies on January 1st at age 22.

Arnold - Supervisor at Sample Name Products Company.

Carlos Martínez - Father of Yesenia Martínez, and partner of Jennifer Johnson in Remesa Banking Company.

Charlie - A worker at the Sample Name Products Company.

Claudia - A girl in the school library.

Fred - A Labor Ready worker who is so incredibly rich, he actually has his own personal automobile.

Ileana Martínez - Mother of Yesenia Martínez.

Jennifer - Steve's older sister.

Joe - The guy Melissa dated instead of Andy. See chapter 6.

Kevin - A boy in the school library, whom Yesenia tries to help get fixed up with a girl.

Manchester South High School - There is no such school in non-fiction. Steve and Yesenia attend it.

Melissa - Blind date of Andy's.

Rick - A classmate of Steve's at Manchester South High School, who meets him while celebrating the new year in downtown Manchester.

Rob - Steve's father.

Sam - A wheelchair-bound man whom Yesenia and Steve meet.

Sandra - Steve's mother.

Steve Johnson - The fifteen-year-old guy who is the main character.

Sergeant Whalley - New Hampshire State Police sergeant investigating the fatal crash in which Andy died.

Taisha - A girl in the school library.

Tina - The widow of a Freedom Fighter, she gets hired by Remesa Banking Company.

Yesenia Martínez - A fifteen-year-old female classmate of Steve's. They share a C period biology class.


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