Chapter One: The Explanation

Billy’s Legacy is a sequel to Billy’s Reward.

Billy’s Reward starts out with a traffic stop in an unidentified municipality in New Hampshire. The United States Supreme Court has actually ruled, and some cops actually believe, that if a driver commits any traffic violation, that supposedly gives the cops the right to search a passenger’s pocketbook. The court did not fool Billy Americano, however, and in Billy’s Reward, when cops try to pull such a stunt, Billy vetoes the unconstitutional search by borrowing one cop’s gun to settle the matter out of court.

Billy is rescued from jail by an angel, in much the same way that the Bible describes the rescue of Peter the Apostle (Acts 12:6-11). Protected from recapture, Billy is able to visit television studios and explain, on the air, the justification for armed resistance and the right of the people to fight back to defend the rights that the government seeks to violate.

Freedom Fighters demand that the government call off the War on Drugs and release all the P.O.W.’s, making it clear that they will make surprise attacks on random cops until their demands are met. This is known as Operation U.S.A. Freedom. The government is unable to take effective countermeasures because the government never knows who will strike, nor when, nor where, nor how, since the Freedom Fighters are not organized, and devise many ways to destroy cops. Typically, the Freedom Fighters get killed in the attacks, but not before they make the government pay a price, with cops’ blood, for noncompliance. New Hampshire is one of the first States to comply.

Committees for liberty organize openly. They only debate and define their demands, in exchange for which, they will sincerely appeal to the Freedom Fighters to cease and desist for 30 days in their geographic area. This gives guidance to both the lawmakers and the Freedom Fighters. The committees for liberty do not advocate, solicit, order, or otherwise attempt to persuade anybody to kill cops. They merely issue appeals not to kill cops. By pointing out the the New Hampshire Legislature has called off the War on Drugs, and urging Freedom Fighters not to kill any more cops within New Hampshire before the end of November, they do not specifically say that anybody should kill cops elsewhere or kill cops in New Hampshire after November. However, the New Hampshire Legislature is under intense pressure to repeal more unjust laws, in order to get the appeal extended.

Many voters who never cared about the victims of unjust laws, start caring because their beloved cops will get themselves killed for enforcing those laws. They start to notice that there are candidates on their ballot who support liberty, candidates about whom their TV sets did not spoon-feed them any information.

In November, a lot of candidates who support liberty get elected by voters who see this as the only way they can prevent the continued extermination of cops and total breakdown of law and order. Whether or not these new lawmakers are a majority in any chamber, they will have access to fellow lawmakers who have been opposing liberty, and will be able to explain libertarian positions to them in the cafeterias and elevators in the state capitols and in the halls of Congress.

Because of Billy’s heroic actions, he gets to enjoy an ample number of angel girls who have a crush on him, and an ample number of slave girls who are at his mercy. The vivid descriptions of his enjoyment of these girls makes Billy’s Reward unsuitable for children. In Billy’s Legacy, sex happens but is not vividly described.

Billy’s Legacy starts in December, after the November election. Many of the new lawmakers have yet to be sworn in. Unjust laws remain on the books in Massachusetts, where many cops have quit rather than get themselves killed for enforcing them. As the story progresses, more and more unjust laws are being repealed.

The reader might wonder why this chapter is not entitled, Introduction, Forward or Preface. The reason is simple: Nobody would read it.


Copyright © 2004 Tom Alciere